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When the weather just doesn’t want to cooperate, you can’t beat the versatility offered by a Hesston 3700 Series tedder. Available in two sizes to fit the needs of large and small operations alike, 3700 Series tedders are designed to lift and spread the crop for fast drydown while minimizing leaf shatter and maintaining hay quality.

The Hesston 3740 rotary rake, which can windrow up to 14.75 feet of crop material in each pass using gentle, cam-operated tine action to preserve leaves and nutrition.

Standard Features
· Tedding Widths: Model 3710 - 10’ (2.8 m); Model 3717 - 17’ (5.35 m)
· Raking Widths: Model 3740 - Up to 14.75’ (4.47 m).
· Horsepower Requirements: As little 15 horsepower for the 3710; 30 for the 3740.

Tedder Rakes

Using two rotors, the Hesston 3750 rotary tedder rake lets you perform up to six different functions with one machine, including raking, tedding and turning windrows.

For the price of one machine, you get a unit that can perform six different functions and meet virtually any crop or field condition you’re likely to encounter. By simply changing rotor rotation, teeth direction and/or frame angle you can use the 3750 to turn and fluff a windrow; spread rain-soaked windrows to dry; ted hay away from a fencerow or field boundary; or rake hay into one or two windrows.

Standard Features

· Tedding Widths: Model 3750 - Up to 16.4’ (5.0 m).
· Raking Widths: Model 3750 - Up to 16.4’ (5 m)
· Horsepower Requirements: 30 hp for the 3750.

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